We wash with 

"Softened" Hot Water


Rinse with 

"Reverse Osmosis" 

Spot Free water

About Us

High-Quality Products


At Westlake Laserwash, we offer only the best products from Blue Coral including Rain-X

The wash is performed with high pressure Softened Hot water and rinsed with Spot Free Reverse Osmosis water.

Touch-Less System


Our touchless system uses advanced ultrasonic and laser sensors to provide a high quality wash without the worry of vehicle damage.  The high pressure nozzles apply the proper mixtures of soaps resulting in the BEST wash.

Our Promise


We promise to always deliver the best wash to your vehicle, using the best products offered! We will GUARANTEE your satisfaction; ALWAYS!

Why Choose Us?

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What makes us different?

Westlake Laser Wash utilizes ultrasonic and laser sensors for precise applications. The open bay design with 3 large windows and plenty of lighting eliminates the stress of tracks and enclosures.  We are 100% touchfree; the conventional car wash brushes get dirty from previous cars which can transfer onto the next car causing scratches & swirl marks on your paint finish.  Our result, your vehicle is clean and spotless without any of the damaging effects of brushes or rubber mats may have. 

Location History

This location has been closed for almost 2 years due to the unfortunate passing of its previous owner.  The new owners are Westlake residents and are vigilant to improve its presence and optimize its service to its customers.

Our Promise to you, the customer

  • We promise to be superior to other washes.
  • We promise to keep you satisfied with every wash.
  • We promise to make it right  if there is ever an issue.
  • We promise to listen to any and all of your suggestions. 

Grand Opening coming in the Spring

Please stay in touch and look for our Grand Opening promotions once we have our new road sign completed by late Spring.  Once we have the green light from the City, we will have specials and promotions that will be hard to miss.

Share the big news

Rate us on Google, Yelp and other social media platforms.  We encourage feedback in our quest for a 5 star review.


  1. Laser washes are considered one of the best paint safe washes.
  2. The high pressure cleaning technology is superior to other car washes.
  3. The temperature controlled detergent increases the effectiveness of the cleaning.
  4. Recent surveys indicate that drivers actually prefer touchless vehicle washes.
  5. No more worrying about scratches and swirls on your paint finish from brushes and abrasive wash cloths.
  6. Car washing is extremely necessary in the winter months; prolonged exposure to snow and road salt will damage your vehicle.  The underbody side blaster option is recommended.

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Westlake Laser Wash

30760 Center Ridge Rd, Westlake, Ohio 44145, United States

Michael (Owner cell) @ 216-215-6969 Michael@WestlakeLaserWash.com


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